My Identity Within a Flower


My identity evolves from outdoor activities that I do to cope to entertainment that I find my passion in doing. From the drawing of my identity map shows the theme of a flower. I believe a flower represents an individual as a whole. The center of the flower, known as the pistil, represents the individual, as the petals of the flower represents facts about the individual.

Starting off on the top of the flower to the right is music, specifically towards rap. I do tend to enjoy different genres, but I have a stronger connection towards rap. I like the idea of the person being able to express themselves in different kinds of topics. Rap tends to give the individual a greater amount towards freedom of speech. They can become aggressive with their words as others can be more soulistic. The next fact about me is that I enjoy to draw in general. Ever since I was a child, drawing was a way for me to cope and explore different skills on a day-to-day. Drawing helps me focus on one thing and reduce stress. Besides drawing, skateboarding became another hobby that helped me cope with stress. Since I have the fear of water, more specifically the ocean, it would be challenging for me to learn how to swimming, even though surfing as always been a dream I wanted to do. So I thought that skateboarding was a way for me to feel the waves of the ocean in some way, instead it would be on solid ground. Skateboarding has also helped me make new friends and meet different people for I used to be a shy person.

If I have those days where I just want to relax and not do anything that involves being so active, I turn to the computer to use social media: Tumblr, Facebook, etc. I love discovering new things people post and share and expose myself to different topics that are trending. Whenever I have spare time, I take the chance to go outside and look at the sunset. The sun resembles to me as hope and a sense of accomplish in living a whole day once again. When I love how the sunset sets from my view I will at times take a picture. One of my favorite seasons is Fall. I love how the trees are able to give different shades of red, yellow and orange, which I think is a beautiful combination. At the same time, it is a reminder to me that thanksgiving is arriving! A day when the family can gather together and be thankful in the things we should recognize. Besides the season of Fall, I do get excited when Spring comes around because that is the time when flowers bloom. One of my favorite flowers is the Cherry Blossom. My birthday falls in the season of Spring and every year my mother will buy Cherry Blossoms, which I find lovely to have. I always thought those flowers looked beautiful with the pink shade color they hold.

Moving on to the technology, my phone is an object you constantly will see me have with, whether I am checking my social media or listening to music. I tend to update my social media and take a lot of pictures that are memorable or catches my attention. At the same time, it helps me stay in contact with my family and friends whenever I miss them as I am away from home and living in my college dorm. Not only do I enjoy taking high quality photos, but I always enjoyed film photography. I currently hold a film camera that was given to me from a good friend who enjoys photography as well and decided to pass the camera on to me. Currently now, I am studying to major into multimedia production, specifically film. I always love the idea of working with others and work into different projects that involves to travel the world. Besides enjoying time that involves to be solo, I do enjoy to go to concerts with friends. I started to got o concerts since the age fourteen and have continued to go as much as I can. I always love the idea of being in a crowded area and listen to loud music with flashing lights.

At times, I do enjoy a beverage here and there since I consider myself more of a beverage person than going out to eat. One of the few kinds of beverages that I enjoy to have, especially in the summer, is a Boba and during the cold days, I’ll enjoy a homemade coffee. I grew up from a very united and strong family that I consider us to be tigers: strong and a fighter. Since then I have always love tigers in general, whether they are white or brown color. At times, I tend to be a reserve person so whenever I have the chance, I will take night walks, which helps me relax and reflect on actions and decisions I have made. Some people find nigh walks dangerous and scary,but for me I personally find them to be peaceful and the best time to walk. It is quiet and no one really bothers you. Though I do tend to love my space and independence, I do love to have company with friends and family, but more specifically with my sister, Kimberly. I love how we can have long conversations and that I can express myself without  any worries in being judge. I truly can trust her and I do believe that we have a strong bond that it cannot be broken.

Well… I know this is a long identity map, but I hope you enjoy getting to know me!


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