Coloring the Soul


As a rap listener, I enjoy and find beauty from other languages. I believe rap gives the individual the opportunity to express his or her emotions or soul from any topic and bring an awareness towards about it. One Korean rapper that I truly respect his dedicated work is Tiger JK from the group Drunken Tiger.

In this soulistic song, “8:45 Heaven”, JK mentions about the death of his grandmother, who passed away at 8:45 p.m. His grandmother was a great impact on his life and expressed himself in the struggles he had to face from accepting the death of his grandmother to having to move on with the inner pain he continued to hold. “8:45 Heaven” is a song that my soul is able to connect to with the death of my father’s godfather, who I was close with. As a young child, it was difficult for me to understand why his death happened and could not accept the fact he was no longer with us. JK’s song mentions about the different stages of emotions I similarly had to face and it brings many memories about my father’s godfather that I have soon became attached to the song.


One of the few rappers that I first listened to when being presented to the rap culture is Kendrick Lamar. Besides the different rap styles he uses that appeals to me, I truly can feel the amount of soul he puts into his songs that allows the listener to connect with. Though there are many songs that I appreciate from him, there are a couple of songs that I truly could find similar soul colors with my own.

One of Lamar’s songs that I was able to find color in the soul was “The Art of Peer Pressure”, where he mentions the affects in being peer pressured and the consequences it comes from trying to fit in. Lamar not only raps about the topic of peer pressure, but gives the listener a visual story about peer pressure, as he raps about doing crimes with friends and the fear that comes with it. Looking back, I was peer pressured in many kinds of situations in order to feel accepted by others, knowing the consequences. Not only did the song helped me reflect my own experiences, but creates an awareness to others about the cycle of peer pressure.

“Sing About Me” is another song that I believe that touches and colors the soul. It is based on three true stories combined into one song that Lamar experienced on the same day. Based on those experiences, he states that he comes from a dark and negative background, which became a turning point of his life. In general, the song relates about life and how reality can hit you. I come from a background full of negative emotions and knowing that Lamar experienced in a similar way, helps me feel supportive. Knowing that a song connects in some way with you creates some sort of beauty for the soul.


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