New Culture, New Music

With the advancement of new technology, it has allowed us to explore the outside world from only a click of a button. People from all over the world have taken the opportunity to express their love for music and share with others. Listeners have been able to enjoy music from other countries, no matter how big or small the language barrier is. Though I do enjoy the music being produced in America, I have found a new connection with Korean music, known as Kpop. Besides the fascinating music videos produced or the dedicated choreography being preformed, Kpop has become a culture where different people can gather together and share the same interests as a family. With my younger sister, Kimberly, we have been able to expose ourselves into new environments and become part of the Korean culture. In this section, different memorable photos have been captured during our Kpop concert adventures during our 2015 year: Korean Times Music Festival at the Hollywood Bowl, and Kcon at Staples Center.

Korean Times Music Festival 2015


My sister, Kimberly, excitedly getting prepared for the Korean Times Music Festival, as it is her first Korean concert to experience!IMAG1887

Waiting patiently for the Korean Times Music Festival concert to begin and excited what to expect!

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Here is a walk through of the Korean Times Music Festival concert throughout the day. The concert lasted for about four hours and I decided to capture the view of the concert from different times of the day. Within those four hours, we were able to see ten different performers, solo artists and pop groups all together.

Kcon 2015

On the left side was the entrance of the event, Kcon, and the right side shows the concert bracelets needed to be worn for entrance permission.

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Here are a couple of pictures captured during the concert. Five different groups preformed that night, each preforming an average of four songs. The concert was full of excitement as the audience watched their favorite groups preforming. Such a beautiful experience!


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