History, Experinces, Identity

I decided to share with you two articles that I find the history to connect with my personal experiences and the identity I hold. One of the articles relates about the evolution of skateboarding and how it came to be today and as the other article, talks about the affects that rap music has on the young generation.


The Evolution Of Skateboarding – A History From Sidewalk Surfing To Superstardom

The Evolution Of Skateboarding – A History From Sidewalk Surfing To Superstardom

As any other invention, skateboarding was created from a similar idea that was already invented: surf boards. It is said that surfing brought the idea of skateboarding, a way for people to feel close to the waves, instead it would be on solid ground. There is not a specific person who brought the idea of skateboarding, since it was proven that many people had similar ideas. Over the years, skateboards have changed over the years as more styles and tricks were being invented.

1963 was the year when skateboarding became very active among the young generation. many companies, such as Jack’s and Hobie, started to have skateboarding competitions that consisted of going downhill and free styling. When the year of 1965 arrived, skateboarding seemed to have died out, but only a few actively continue to skateboard. One of the main reasons why skateboarding first died out was because of how dangerous it became, since clay wheels were being used, leading to many injuries.

During the 1970’s, things began to do good for skateboarding. New wheels, known as urethane, were invented by Frank Nasworthy in the year of 1972. With the success of the wheels, skateboarding was on the spotlight once again in 1975. Many skateboards teams were made to participate in the competition of Ocean Festival. One of the most known skate team was Zephyr who showed what could be brought into skateboarding. They were able to make skateboarding look smooth and low, which made skateboarding into something serious rather than just a hobby. More tricks than began to evolved, such as the Ollie, a trick invented by Alan Gelfand. The Ollie helped many skaters create more possible tricks and revolutionizing skateboarding completely.

During the 1980’s and 1990’s, many skaters began to record themselves in doing skate tricks in the streets and in the ramps built in their backyards. VHS was then born in the 1980’s, invented by Stacey Peralta and George Powell. In the 1990’s ESPN began to host skateboard as a sport in the X-Games, where young kids watched and were inspired to skateboard. Currently, there are now many skaters who skateboard as a career and make money from it. More companies were made and accepted in society. The X-Games continues to host skateboard and over the years, skateboarding have become more popular. Skateboarding has also become a huge part in the fashion, creating clothes, shoes, beanies and other clothing that resembles towards skateboarding. For the past 60 years, skateboarding has been accepted and appreciated from many, becoming a successful invention.


The Truth About Rap Music


Eugene Slaven, who is a listener to rap music, mentions about the situation and affects that comes from listening to urban lower-class rap to the young generation. He mentions that the kind of rap music he listens to are those that rap fans have never heard of. Usually these rap artists come from hard-core and underground rap music. Slaven has noticed the difference among the lyrics between the middle-class rap versus the lower-class rap music. From his observations, rap music that targets the lower-class have a more negative approach rather than the rap music he listens to.

The lyrics used to target towards the lower-class mention about drugs, gang related and violence, which would be abstract for the middle-class to listen to. Usually these kinds of rap music are produced by rappers such as NWA, Mobb Deep and the Wu Tang Clan. At the same time, these rappers are known for experiencing in these kinds of conditions, which influences them to rap about it and targeting towards the lower-class, who might experience similar. As for the people of middle-class, they tend not to experience these kinds of situations. Because of the environment the people from the lower-class living in poor conditions, they are easily influenced to do and think negative based on what is being said in these kinds of rap music. The gangsta rap culture has influence many rap fans from these poor backgrounds to follow these foot steps and involve themselves in stealing, violence and possibly joining a gang.

Compared to the young generation living in a middle-class environment, they do not have any influence in following the gangsta rap culture and are less likely to be interested in doing so. Besides the actions that influences the young people to commit, gender roles are being affected, especially towards women. These rap lyrics tend to disrespect women in general and creates a habit for listeners to do the same. It is as if it is becoming toxic and poisonous.

The solution to this situation is for parents to take control and make sure in what their kids are listening to, which is a good start. Though rap music can be poetic and a way for people to express themselves, rappers need to realize the negative affects they are creating towards the yougn listeners.




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